Best Free Online Games from Zynga

Zynga online games and not only free, they are among the most popular games on the Internet. Cityville edged out Farmville in popularity within just four weeks of launching.
Recently inside facebook released January stats on top online games and seven Zynga applications were in the top 10! That is very impressive by any standards, and it just goes to prove that the company knows how to make an addicting game for the masses.

Holding the number one spot was Cityville, which is only available to play on facebook. It had 80 million monthly users in December of 2010! That is many cities being built day and night around the world in this free online game. In January 2011, the amount of monthly users jumped to over 100 million players.

Farmville, which is a game that can be played on facebook and iPhone, had 57 million monthly users. In this free game, players create a farm complete with animated animals. Players can plant and harvest the crops, and raise animals while having fun.

Zynga Texas Hold’Em poker can be played on Yahoo!, MySpace, iPhone, facebook holds the third place with almost 36 million users. Texas Hold’Em game is fast-paced action where players can play poker with a bunch of like-minded people.

Frontierville which can only be found on Facebook is a Wild West homestead building game. This free game brought in 30 million users a month to wrestle bears, snakes and other animals who try to steal crops. Players can visit neighbors, tend crops and animals, and extend their plots of land.

Mafia Wars slipped down to 19 million players, and this online game can be played on Yahoo!, iPhone, MySpace and facebook. In this one, players get to become a mob boss and control vast crime riddled cities.

Cafeworld, which is available only on facebook, had 17 million users. In this, free online game players bake, cook, and serve their way up to fame. As the players gain, experience and climb levels they can expand their café to serve even more customers.

Treasure Isle is a facebook game where players try to locate rare and valuable treasures in an online island oasis. In this, free game players can decorate their own little area with island décor. This game had 14 million monthly users.